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A C++ wrapper for the LHAPDF library



The LHAPDF library provides a set of C++ wrapper functions for its Fortran subroutines. New users should browse this documentation and take a look at the CCTest1.cc and CCTest2.cc example program source files, which are good examples of how the wrapper is used.

Recent changes

The LHAPDF wrapper has been improved in several ways for the LHAPDF v5.4 release:

  • String passing to the Fortran functions from C++ now correctly passes the hidden length argument, fixing problems on 64 bit systems;
  • The LHAPDFWrap class has been deprecated in favour of a set of wrapper functions in the LHAPDF namespace. The class interface was misleading, since no persistent state was involved and two class instances would not have been independent;
  • Proper C++ std::string arguments can now be used for set names: char* string arguments can still be passed, due to implicit conversion via the string(char*) constructor.


  • Originally by Stefan Gieseke.
  • Adapted for LHAPDFv4 by Mike Whalley.
  • Adapted for LHAPDFv5 by Craig Group/Mike Whalley.
  • v5.4: Fortran portability, tidying, extensions and conversion to namespaced functions by Andy Buckley.
  • v5.4.1: Rationalised init functions and deprecated "M" functions by Andy Buckley.
  • v5.5.1: Added PDFSetInfo set metadata struct, and associated querying based on reading the PDFsets.index file.

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