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LHAPDF  6.5.4
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Class hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCLHAPDF::AlphaSCalculator interface for computing alpha_s(Q2) in various ways
|oCLHAPDF::AlphaS_AnalyticCalculate alpha_s(Q2) by an analytic approximation
|\CLHAPDF::AlphaS_ODESolve the differential equation in alphaS using an implementation of RK4
oCLHAPDF::AlphaSArrayInternal storage class for alpha_s interpolation grids
oCstd::exceptionSTL class
|\Cstd::runtime_errorSTL class
| oCLHAPDF::bad_lexical_castWhen lexical_cast goes bad
| \CLHAPDF::ExceptionGeneric unspecialised LHAPDF runtime error
|  oCLHAPDF::AlphaSErrorError for general AlphaS computation problems
|  oCLHAPDF::FactoryErrorError to be raised by object factories given invalid requests
|  oCLHAPDF::FlavorErrorError for requests for unsupported/invalid flavour PIDs
|  oCLHAPDF::GridErrorError for general PDF grid problems
|  oCLHAPDF::IndexErrorError to be raised when a LHAPDF ID indexing fails
|  oCLHAPDF::LogicErrorError for places where it should not have been possible to get to!
|  oCLHAPDF::MetadataErrorError for unfound or broken metadata entries
|  oCLHAPDF::NotImplementedErrorThis feature doesn't exist yet
|  oCLHAPDF::RangeErrorError to be thrown when out of the valid range of a PDF
|  oCLHAPDF::ReadErrorError for file reading errors
|  oCLHAPDF::UserErrorProblem exists between keyboard and chair
|  \CLHAPDF::VersionErrorError to be raised when a newer LHAPDF version is needed
oCLHAPDF::ExtrapolatorThe general interface for extrapolating beyond grid boundaries
|oCLHAPDF::ErrExtrapolatorExtrapolates using the closest point on the Grid
|\CLHAPDF::NearestPointExtrapolatorExtrapolates using the closest point on the Grid
oCLHAPDF::File< FILETYPE >MPI-safe file I/O interface
oCLHAPDF::InfoMetadata base class for PDFs, PDF sets, or global configuration
|oCLHAPDF::ConfigClass for PDF set metadata and manipulation
|oCLHAPDF::PDFInfoMetadata class for PDF members
|\CLHAPDF::PDFSetClass for PDF-set metadata and manipulation
oCLHAPDF::InterpolatorThe general interface for interpolating between grid points
|oCLHAPDF::BicubicInterpolatorImplementation of bicubic interpolation
|oCLHAPDF::BilinearInterpolatorImplementation of bilinear interpolation
|oCLHAPDF::LogBicubicInterpolatorImplementation of bicubic interpolation
|\CLHAPDF::LogBilinearInterpolatorImplementation of bilinear interpolation
oCLHAPDF::KnotArrayInternal storage class for PDF data point grids
oCLHAPDF::PDFPDF is the general interface for access to parton density information
|\CLHAPDF::GridPDFA PDF defined via an interpolation grid
oCLHAPDF::PDFErrInfoStructure encoding the structure of the PDF error-set
\CLHAPDF::PDFUncertaintyStructure for storage of uncertainty info calculated over a PDF error set