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LHAPDF  6.5.4
LHAPDF::ContinuationExtrapolator Class Reference

#include <ContinuationExtrapolator.h>

Inheritance diagram for LHAPDF::ContinuationExtrapolator:

Public Member Functions

double extrapolateXQ2 (int id, double x, double q2) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from LHAPDF::Extrapolator
virtual ~Extrapolator ()
 Destructor to allow inheritance.
void bind (const GridPDF *pdf)
 Bind to a GridPDF.
void unbind ()
 Unbind from GridPDF.
bool hasPDF ()
 Identify whether this Extrapolator has an associated PDF.
const GridPDFpdf () const
 Get the associated GridPDF.
double extrapolateXQ (int id, double x, double q) const

Detailed Description

The ContinuationExtrapolator provides an implementation of the extrapolation used in the MSTW standalone code (and LHAPDFv5 when using MSTW sets), G. Watt, October 2014.

Member Function Documentation

double LHAPDF::ContinuationExtrapolator::extrapolateXQ2 ( int  id,
double  x,
double  q2 
) const

Extrapolate a single-point in (x,Q2)

idPDG parton ID
xMomentum fraction
q2Squared energy scale
The xf value at (x,q2)

Implements LHAPDF::Extrapolator.

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