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LHAPDF  6.2.3
Todo List
Page Design

Documentation system for PDFs – output for pick-up by Doxygen?

Should the env var overwrite the install prefix or prepend?

Use the global config system for the path handling?

Module Generic metadata cascading mechanism
Add AlphaS getter for set-level alphaS?
Member LHAPDF::AlphaS::alphasQ2 (double q2) const =0
Throw error in this base method if Q < Lambda?
Class LHAPDF::AlphaS_Ipol
Extrapolation: log-gradient xpol at low Q, const at high Q?
Member LHAPDF::Extrapolator::_pdf
Make an all-PID version of extrapolateQ and Q2?
Member LHAPDF::findpdfsetinfopath (const std::string &setname)
Check that set info and mem=0 file are in same dir?
Member LHAPDF::GridPDF::setExtrapolator (EXTRAPOLATOR xpol)
Use SFINAE magic to restrict EXTRAPOLATOR to subclasses of Extrapolator?
Member LHAPDF::GridPDF::setInterpolator (INTERPOLATOR ipol)
Use SFINAE magic to restrict INTERPOLATOR to subclasses of Interpolator?
Class LHAPDF::Info
Move this out of Info. To Factories.h or SystemConfig.h?
Member LHAPDF::Interpolator::_interpolateXQ2 (const KnotArray1F &subgrid, double x, size_t ix, double q2, size_t iq2) const =0
Make an all-PID version of interpolateQ and Q2?
Member LHAPDF::Interpolator::_pdf
Implement this NF version, with a cached KnotArrayNF?
Member LHAPDF::mkBareAlphaS (const std::string &type)
Actually, should we just make this mkAlphaS(0)?
Member LHAPDF::norm_quantile (double p)
Add iszero() & equals(,) functions?
Member LHAPDF::PDF::AlphaSPtr
Reinstate this unique_ptr when C++98 header compatibility is no longer an issue
Member LHAPDF::PDF::flavors () const
Make virtual for AnalyticPDF? Or allow manual setting of the Info?
Member LHAPDF::PDF::PDF ()
Remove _alphas initialisation when it can be a smart ptr again
Member LHAPDF::PDF::~PDF ()
Remove this delete when C++98 is gone, and unique_ptr can be reinstated
Member LHAPDF::PDFInfo::PDFInfo (const std::string &mempath)
Bypasses standard path searching hence used by the path-based GridPDF constructor, for example.
Member LHAPDF::PDFInfo::PDFInfo ()
Member LHAPDF::PDFSet::_checkPdfType (const std::vector< string > &pdftypes) const
We need to make the signature clearer – what is the arg? Why not automatically check the members? Why not a plural name? Why not on PDF? "Hiding" the name for now with the leading underscore.
Member LHAPDF::PDFSet::mkPDFs (std::vector< PTR > &pdfs) const

Needs to be implemented in the header since the arg type is templated.

Need to use an std::move here, or write differently, for unique_ptr to work?

Need to use an std::move here, or write differently, for unique_ptr to work?

Member LHAPDF::PDFSet::mkPDFs () const
Use the following with default function template args if C++11 is being used
Member LHAPDF::PDFSet::PDFSet ()
Member LHAPDF::PDFSet::PDFSet (const std::string &setname)
Member LHAPDF::PDFSet::uncertainty (PDFUncertainty &rtn, const std::vector< double > &values, double cl=100 *erf(1/sqrt(2)), bool alternative=false) const
For real efficiency, the chaining of these functions should be the other way around
page Main Page
Add some developer build guides, including the autotools, Cython, etc. gotchas.
Module Math functions in the LHAPDF namespace
Add an abspath(p) function
Module Math functions in the LHAPDF namespace
Add an abspath(p) function