lhapdf is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham
The following patches to version (5.3.1) are available:

Date New file Description Dependencies
19/11/2007 src/LHpdflib.f Corrects error in displaying the version number. -
19/11/2007 src/EVLCTEQ.f
Limits the excessive number of 'outside Q2/X range' errors reported by cteq6 routines -
13/12/2007 src/wrapsmrspi.f Fixes problem of incorrect values returned when using > 1 member in this set (SMRS - 231-233) -
12/12/2007 src/wrapowspi.f Fixes problem of EXTRAPOLATE pdfs beyond limits not working -

To apply the patches please replace the file in the relevant directory (normally src) and make/make install again.