lhapdf is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham
The following patches to version (5.3.0) are available:

Date New file Description Dependencies
3/07/2007 src/lhaglue.f Mods to STRUCTM and STRUCTP routines to allow constants in the calling argument string. -
3/07/2007 src/wrapmrst.f New code for MRST sets 2001/2004 to give better extrapolation to small X and large Q**2 beyond the defined limits. Also fixes bug in MRST2006nnlo implementation which failed on attempted extrapolation. -
31/08/2007 src/QCDNUM.f
Fix for VZERO name conflict with (for example) CERNLIB -
15/11/2007 src/wrapmrst2006.f Corrects error in line 40 of the code which caused the MRST2006 NNLO PDFs to be frozen at Q = 1.43 GeV when called from LHAPDF at scales between Q = 1.43 GeV and Q = 4.3 GeV. Note that the code from the "official" MRST web site was OK. -

To apply the patches please replace the file in the relevant directory (normally src) and make/make install again.