lhapdf is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Description of the PDFsets.index file

The PDFsets.index file is a flat file, distributed with the tarball, containing a one line description of each available PDF set. In particular it gives the LHAPDF numeric code to use for each member in the set. The filename is given and the member number to use from that PDF set. In addition the old PDFLIB type, group and set numbers are given. For the newer sets which were not in PDFLIB the latter two numbers are set to zero.

It unpacks into the base level directory

Each line contain the following, separated by white-space LHAPDF code (integer)
Old PDFLIB Ntype (integer, 1=nucleon, 2=pion, 3=photon)
Old PDFLIB Ngroup (integer)
Old PDFLIB Nset (integer)
LHAPDF filename (text)
LHAPDF member (integer)
Q2min (float)
Q2max (float)
Xmin (float)
Xmax (float)
Brief Description (text)