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Add release instructions for new sets
author Andy Buckley <andy@insectnation.org>
date Tue, 17 Oct 2017 17:12:04 +0100
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1 LHAPDF6 PDF set release procedure
2 =================================
4 Releasing a new PDF set is primarily to be done via the CVMFS distributed
5 filesystem: this is now the canonical data archive, with copies on AFS and
6 HepForge being secondary (and subject to future removal).
8 PRELIMINARY: You will need an up-to-date copy of LHAPDF, e.g. version 6.2.1 or
9 the hg head. It's best to build this on lxplus7, which has a system C++ compiler
10 that supports the C++11 standard, and has CVMFS mounted at /cvmfs. You will need
11 to set the environment so it picks up the libLHAPDF library from LD_LIBRARY_PATH
12 and the Python module from PYTHONPATH.
14 1. In the expanded-tarball/hg-checkout directory, make a testing directory
15 e.g. TESTPDFS, and download the PDF set tarballs supplied by the fitting group
16 into it. Each tarball must have filename format my_set_name.tar.gz -- no .tgz
17 file extensions, please!
19 2. Check that each tarball expands to a directory with the same name as the
20 tarball without the .tar.gz suffix, containing similarly named files: a
21 mandatory my_set_name.info, and N x my_set_name_0000.dat, my_set_name_0001.dat,
22 etc.
24 3. Test each set's .info file for format correctness:
25 ./testinfo TESTPDFS/*/*.info
26 If everything is ok, it will be silent.
28 4. Test each set for basic operation:
30 for i in `find TESTPDFS -mindepth 1 -type d -exec basename {} \;`; do ./testpdfs $i; done
32 5. Ok, everything seems to be basically working. So we move the new set tarballs
33 and expanded dirs into the CVMFS downloads area, via the AFS one:
34 mv TESTPDFS/* /afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/lhapdfsets/current/
36 6. Backup and regenerate the pdfsets.index file and the Doxygen version which
37 will become the table on the website:
38 export LHAPDF_DATA_PATH=/afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/lhapdfsets/current/::
39 cp pdfsets.index{,.bak}
40 ./mkindex > pdfsets.index
41 diff pdfsets.index{.bak,}
42 -> sanity-check the diff to see that the expected sets have been added, and have distinct IDs
43 cd doc
44 cp pdfsets.dox{,.bak}
45 ./mkpdflist > pdfsets.dox
46 diff pdfsets.dox{.bak,}
47 -> minimal sanity check the diff
49 7. Copy the new index file on to AFS/CVMFS:
50 cp pdfsets.index /afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/lhapdfsets/current/
51 And sync to CVMFS...
53 8. Send new pdfsets.index and pdfsets.dox files to AB, who'll commit them to hg,
54 and update the website & HepForge downloads area.