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LHAPDF  6.5.4
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Making whole PDF sets


PDFSet & LHAPDF::getPDFSet (const std::string &setname)
void LHAPDF::mkPDFs (const std::string &setname, std::vector< PDF * > &pdfs)
 Get all PDFs in a named set (return by filling the supplied vector).
std::vector< PDF * > LHAPDF::mkPDFs (const std::string &setname)
 Get all PDFs in a named set (return by a new vector).
template<typename PTR >
void LHAPDF::mkPDFs (const std::string &setname, std::vector< PTR > &pdfs)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

PDFSet& LHAPDF::getPDFSet ( const std::string &  setname)

Get the PDFSet with the given set name.

Returns a PDFSet by reference. When this function is used for access, only one PDFSet object is made per set name... hence the 'get' rather than 'mk' function name.

This function is intended particularly for use where it would be inefficient to have to repeatedly construct a PDFSet by name. The canonical use case is internal: the Info system uses this to ensure that cascading of config settings is efficient, and also allows the automatic application of set-level changes to all PDF member objects in that set.

The LHAPDF system is responsible for deletion of the returned object. Do NOT delete it yourself! Hence the return by reference rather than pointer.
template<typename PTR >
void LHAPDF::mkPDFs ( const std::string &  setname,
std::vector< PTR > &  pdfs 

Get all PDFs in a named set (return by filling the supplied vector).

This is a templated version for returning a vector of smart ptrs